And Desire Is Also A Crucial Part Of That Process For People.

Sleeping does seem to improve human performance on memory tasks a finding which has been used to argue against all-night study sessions. And desire is also a crucial part of that process for people. People are much better at doing the stuff that theyll make more money on after theyve slept, said Spiers. Something about sleep is using that desire information: that you do want to do better. The rat experiment makes it easy to see the possible evolutionary benefits of dreaming, or something like it, although its not clear yet whether mapping future routes to food during sleep actually helps the rats navigate later. That, says Spiers, is material for a future experiment. The Stuff of Dreams Researchers arent sure yet whether this mental mapping is related to dreams or a different mental process. People have talked in the past about these kind of replay and pre-play events as possibly being the substrates of dreams, but you cant ask rats what theyre thinking or dreaming, said Spiers. But he added, There is that really interesting sense that were getting at the stuff of dreams, the stuff that goes on when youre sleeping. Stella4578 If you could use extra income of about 50-300 bucks on daily basis for doing simple work from comfort of your house for few hrs every day then try this bgrnathan Babu G. Ranganathan (B.A. Bible/Biology) Just because something exists in nature doesnt mean it was invented or made by Nature. If all the chemicals necessary to make a cell were left to themselves, Mother Nature would have no ability to organize them into a cell.

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